Reveal 502 - How do I connect my turntable to my Reveals?

Please note if you have not already read the following article: Can I use my Reveal 502's with a turntable? please start here before continuing.

Following on from the above article we are going to look into two ways of connecting your Turntable to your Reveal 502's;
  1. Without the use of a Phono Pre-Amp stage.
  2. With the use of a Phono Pre-Amp stage.
If you have read the specifications for your Turntable and found it already has a built-in Phono Pre-Amp then this is a simple process.
You need to take the Phono cable leading from your Turntable and connect it to a female Phono to 3.5mm Jack as pictured below.
If your Turntable does not have a Phono cable already attached and utilizes Phono connections you can use a Phono to 3.5mm cable instead.

User-added image
Once the Turntable is connected to the Phono to 3.5 mm jack plug the 3.5mm jack into the Aux input on your speaker as shown in the below diagram, please ensure you are using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable to link your monitors together.

User-added image
If your Turntable does not have its own built-in Phono Pre-Amp you are then going to need to add one in order to convert the Phono signal to a Line level signal. Most will look like or similar to the Behringer PP400 pictured below, however, these can vary in size, price, features and are also available in Tube/Valve versions.

User-added image
It is a simple process to add one of these to your set up and it will just bridge the gap between your turntable and speakers.
To connect to your system plug the Phono cable from the Turntable into the Input of the Pre-Amp, then with a Phono to 3.5mm cable you are going to want to go from the output to the Aux input of your speaker as shown in the below diagram.

User-added image

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